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Passionately designing websites, frontend experiences, graphics and much more. I look forward to any opportunities to work with forward-thinking people and build something progressive.

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Tech Skills.

Keeping busy.

Open source projects

react music app thumbnail

Developing a sleek music player with Reactjs focused on the desktop listening & viewing experience — view project.

NLSetups web app thumbnail

Developing an elegent CMS/site for sharing & viewing smartphone home screen setups, with Laravel PHP — view project.

Media Content

cover for insta post about brand association

Posting design media about personal development && content creation on main instagramview profile.

cover for insta post about the right attitude for devs

Posting designs about web development & web design on dev instagramview profile.

article site design thumbnail

Sharing UI & Graphic design shots on dribbble, working with Figma & Framer — view profile.

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